Farmer Jack the Clown

As the son of Yogi the Clown, I’ve grown up in a clowning family! I’ve been doing it almost as long as my Yogi!
Farmer Jack can come to your party, parade, event and make balloon sculptures, or sing silly songs – as well as provide singing telegrams and balloon flower bouquets.

Farmer Jack also has a mobile petting zoo! which includes, bunnies, chickens, guinea pigs, and a few extra clown helpers!


Josh Hatcher is a rootsy, jazzy, folk-rock artist from Northern PA. The backwoods folk meets suburban garage rock is simple, rough, and smothered in rich lyrics that demand a second look. Embedded in the music is a priceless mesh of jazz, folk and roots rock, along with technological effects and industrial and ethnic percussion. It’s a frappe of modern folk, alternative rock and electronica that shouldn’t be missed.

Hatcher Media

Josh Hatcher is the founder of Hatcher Media – where he works as a Graphic Designer, Website Developer, Publisher, and Marketing Consultant.

For two decades Josh has been involved with helping businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their story to the public. Let him help you shape and craft your message in a way that it will be heard by the masses.

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