1. Don’t be passive.
Your dream is not going to get built if you just sit around and talk about it. You’ve got to turn your ideas into plans. Spend some time brainstorming and doodling your ideas on paper. Then take those doodles and write some goals. Take those goals and write some steps. Take those steps and give them deadlines. Then put them on your calendar. Then DO them.

Also – on that note (regarding passivity). Don’t blame other people for the situation you are in. Just remove yourself from the blame-game all together. Play a different game: Responsibility. This is where you say, “I don’t care whose fault it is – I’ll be the responsible one to fix the problems. ”

2. Don’t be a pushover.
People will tell you that you can’t. Circumstances will loom like a monolithic wall in your path. Instead of letting OTHER people/places/things determine your course – how about you do it? SURE – sometimes God closes doors in your face. But sometimes he allows a little opposition in your life to strengthen you. When you are working out – RESISTANCE is what builds muscle. So – sometimes God might shut a door because it’s just TOO HEAVY for your to lift… but I think that most of the time – we give up and let go just because it’s heavy… Let the resistance build your muscles and make you stronger. If you suspect that the resistance is just God closing a door – ask Him to make it clear for you. Because “If any man lacks wisdom, let him as God, who gives it freely.”

3. Don’t be a pansy.
Building your dream takes guts. If you feel like you don’t have enough guts, then leverage the power of peer pressure.

You know how your mom used to say, “If your friends told you to, would you jump off a bridge?”

Well, a lot of times, the answer to that question is YES. So instead of letting your peers pressure you to do the wrong thing – find the peers that encourage you and make you do it drunk and stupid enough to do the right thing!