Every night, my beautiful bride of 15 years falls asleep next to me watching tv.
Every night, I get up, take off her glasses, and turn off the TV.
Every night, she talks in her sleep, and I try to keep her talking as long as possible, so that I have good stories to tell people.

Here is our dialogue from a couple nights ago:

Zoe: Oh! Uh Oh! My Lips! My lips are numb!
Me: Your lips are numb?
Zoe: Yes, I can’t feel them. My arms are numb, too! But my lips…
Me: Why are they numb?
Zoe: Feel my lips, see how numb they are?
Me: (Trying not to laugh so that I don’t wake her up) Yes, hunny! They DO feel numb!

Never a dull evening at the Hatcher House!