If I pay attention to the news – I’m reminded that if we’re hoping a politician will “save us” or “make America great” – then we’re really missing the point. We are trying to fix moral failures with political solutions.

So – here is my suggestions. If every American does these things – our country will be great again.

1. Hire Local. Shop Local. Buy Local.

(don’t outsource to India. don’t buy from china)

2. Be generous and set aside a portion of your budget to help the needy.

3. Abide by your budget and avoid debt. Also – if you are responsible for the money of others – use it wisely, as if it were your own.

4. Be respectful of people that you disagree with.

5. Protect the weak and stand up for the innocent.

6. Teach your children right from wrong.

7. Show respect for people who are doing jobs you aren’t willing to do. This includes fruit picking migrants, police officers, the military, and ER nurses.

8. Don’t use illegal substances. Don’t make them. Don’t buy them. Don’t sell them.

We can try to legislate ways to make America great. We can try to build walls to keep foreigners out. We can try to tax the rich. We can try to carpet-bomb our enemies. We can try any number of things, but ultimately – until we start taking the personal responsibility to live ethically, morally, then we are just contributing to our great American bankruptcy.

I don’t know about you – but I will strive to do right.